Ghanaian Kente Styles for Men (May 2024)

Fashion (and style) is a universal language – a language that is both spoken and under by men and women alike. In Africa in particular, men and guys have taken it upon themselves to groom themselves properly and present themselves in an acceptable manner especially at public events, get-together parties and other social events.

Moving along with the times and tides, traditional outfits are not exempted (by African men). Today on this site, we’ll present to you the various Kente styles for men.

However, before we proceed, let’s tackle up some things first.

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What Is Kente And Where Is Kente Worn?

Kente is a type of cotton and silk fabric that is made of interwoven cloth strips that form nice continuous and consistent patterns, appearing in the manner of stylish squares when looked at holistically. The colours of the patterns vary as there are variations to the design. However, black, gold, green, blue, grey, maroon, pink, purple, red, silver, white and yellow can all be seen variously on the patterns.

The Kente cloth is native to Ghana where it is very popular and considered a cloth/fabric of national significance.

Why Men Love Kente

There are various reasons why men and Guys in Ghana love Kente:

  1. The Kente cloth is considered national attire in Ghana. Naturally thus, Ghanaian men and guys feel obligated to ‘support’ their country and ‘blend in’.
  2. The Kente cloth is made with the local loop and manually weaved. This makes it super durable and long lasting.
  3. Ghanaian men and guys love the Kente cloth further because, it blends and fits into a variety of styles and fashion. Accordingly thus, there is something for everyone from the teenager to the octogenarian.
  4. Finally, the Kente cloth is stylish and attractive on its own. Men and guys in Ghana cannot simply afford to look at it multi-coloured and look the other way…it is that enticing J

Now, let’s look at the different, popular styles (for men) that can be sewn from the Kente fabric or cloth.

Hot Kente Styles for Men

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kente styles for men 16

kente styles for men 15

kente styles for men 14

kente styles for men 13

kente styles for men 12

kente styles for men 11

kente styles for men 10

kente styles for men 09

kente styles for men 08

kente styles for men 07

kente styles for men 06

kente styles for men

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kente styles for men 03

kente styles for men 02

kente styles for men 01

Popular Men’s Attires Made from Kente

The styles listed below are the different popular styles men and guys in Ghana put the Kente to. If you’re currently looking for some inspiration or simply want to educate yourself better, now is the time.


The Agbada is one of the popular styles that men in Ghana use the Kente for. For full traditional and national events (like Independence Day), it is not uncommon to see the whole fabric for the Agbada being the Kente cloth. However, during events that are not considered of national importance, what is customary is to see the Agbada designed with some elements of the popular Kente cloth especially at the edge (or a bold center design) as finishing.

The Ghanaian Stripped Smocks

The Ghanaian Stripped Smock is the original design with which the Kente cloth is famously deployed to. Considered a national dress of Ghana, it is very common to see both men and guys in Ghana wearing Kente cloth designed into the beautiful stripped smocks – without any variation or alternation.


The Kaftan is one of the commonest dress prevalent in West Africa and Ghana is no exception, especially in settlements where the Muslim population dominate. Unfortunately however, it is rather rare to see Kaftans being sewn completely with the Kente cloth. Instead, the Kente cloth is used to design the finished Kaftan and in some instances, the accompanying cap is exclusively made of Kente – an occurrence which is all too common.


Finally, the Dashiki is one the popular native dresses in Ghana that both the men and guys have found a way to ensure that a successful ‘marriage’ between it and the world-famous Kente ensures.

The Dashiki closely resembles the Ghanaian Stripped Smocks and is sewn and appreciated in the same manner as the smocks. In some cases, where the smocks are not easily available, the Dashiki, made exclusively from the Kente cloth suffices, especially for traditional and national events/occasions.

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