Nigerian Fashion Apps: Our Top 10 Picks (2024)

The fashion industry in Nigeria has grown in leaps and bounds in the last few years and one thing that has influenced this growth has been the development of mobile apps.

Basically, these apps have served as a repository of many fashion styles and trends. And as a matter of fact, many designers often use them to help their clients when making a decision on their outfit.

But it may be confusing even to fashion experts when choosing which of these apps to download.

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However, we’ve decided to help out by evaluating the scores of Nigerian fashion apps on Google Play Store and filtering out our best 10 picks based on their popularity and ease of use.

Nigerian fashion apps

#1. Nigeria Fashion 2017

The Nigerian Fashion 2017 App is one of the prominent apps designed to give you a full dose of the latest and trendy fashion tips from not just Nigeria but all over the world.

Some of these styles and features include asoebi styles, ankara styles as well as men and women fashion.

Also, this app comes with loads of information on beauty, hair, makeup as well as everyday fashion tips. You can also check out the latest bags, shoes and other related accessories on this app.

Overall, this app features the very latest fashion trends and styles because it is a 2017 app.

#2. All Nigerian Fashion App

All Nigerian Fashion App is another top app for checking out the latest fashion designs. The app has sections for men’s fashion, wedding fashion as well as the pops of fashions.

Currently, the app has over 100 000 downloads which shows it is quite popular among fashion enthusiasts and designers.

Also, as a fashion designer, this app will gives loads of inspirations for your fashion styles because of its many styles..

Additionally, the app features beauty tips and ideas to help you look alluring and beautiful. You can also get those eye brows on a fleek and you’re sure to never miss a trend as long as it related to fashion, style or beauty.

#3. All Nigerian Fashion Styles

The All Nigerian Fashion Styles App is another top fashion app that features the latest in the Nigerian fashion industry.

Some of its content include fashion police Nigeria; style me Africa, fashionista fabric and many more.

Also, this app seems to get ten times better with every update because there’s always a significant improvement whether it is in terms of the user interface and it is the new styles that have been included in their hundreds.

Currently, the All Nigerian Fashion Style app has over 70 000 downloads and the number seems to be growing by the day.

#4. Nigerian Fashion & Style

Whatever fashion item you need to get information on, whether bags, shoes, asoebi, men or women’s wears, the Nigerian Fashion & Style app should be one of the top apps on your list.

The app features corporate styles, ankara long dresses, ankara styles, men’s native style, bella naija aso ebi styles and many more.

You will also find useful beauty tips on this app. Also, if you’re looking for casual or street styles, this app is certainly not lacking with these.

#5. Nigerian Fashion Style

If you’re a woman and you’re looking for an app that is specifically focused to meet your fashion needs, then the Nigerian Fashion Style App should be your default app.

With this app, you’ll find the latest ankara styles and aso ebi attires.

#6. Nigerian Weddings Asoebi

When you think or talk about aso ebi trends, one app that can serve as an excellent reference point is the Nigerian Weddings Asoebi App.

The app compiles trendy asoebi styles from scores of fashion and lifestyle blogs puts them in one place.

If you’re trying to figure out the perfect aso ebi, then all you need do is to download this app and you’ll be overwhelmed by the scores of ideas you’ll come up with.

#7. Nigerian Fashion

If you want to be brimming with fashion ideas every time then one app that will certainly help you on that path is the Nigerian Fashion App.

This app provides you with not just ideas but the best fashion ideas from top fashion designers. Also, it features fashion styles from almost every tribe in the country from the Yorubas to the Ibos, Hausas and Edos.

Additionally, you’ll find a lot of fashion trends relating to fabrics such as aso oke, ankara and many more.

If you’re a fashion enthusiast or a designer with a focus on native design then you should certainly have this app on your phone.

#8. Latest Fashion Style Africa

The Latest Fashion Styles Africa App is one of the leading apps in not just Nigeria but in Africa. Currently, the app has over 1 million downloads.

The app features recent styles, asoebi styles, celebrities’ styles, corporate styles and many more.

However, this app isn’t limited to just attires. You’ll also find the trending hairstyle on it as well.

Additionally, there’s a makeup look book that provides insider tips, beauty secrets, video updates and the best tools that you need for your makeup.

Overall, Latest Fashion Style Africa has been acclaimed by many fashion experts as a pacesetting app in the African and Nigerian Fashion industry.

#9. Trendy Nigerian Fashion 2017

The Trendy Nigerian Fashion App is another top app for discovering the latest Nigerian fashion wears.

Particularly, you’ll find a lot of ankara designs on this app. As a matter of fact, many fashion enthusiasts and designers have seen this app as a repository of ankara styles. And it is often the go-to app for those looking for the perfect style for their aso ebi.

However, the styles are not just limited to weddings or events. You’ll also find other trendy ankara styles that fit your other casual needs.

#10. African Fashion

Our list will certainly be incomplete with the African Fashion app which has been acclaimed by some as the number 1 fashion app in Africa.

And with over 100 000 downloads, this app seem to be growing in popularity each day. From ankara, to gele style, you’ll certainly find many useful fashion styles and trends on this app.

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