Aso Ebi Styles For Men & Guys (January 2023)

Fashion – and awesome one at that is what is common between many men and guys. When themed around the concept of Aso ebi (and all the family and fraternity this inspires), it becomes something that most men will never relent or give up on.

If you’re a man (or guy) who is interested in the various Aso ebi styles for men or guys so that you can get something really inspiring to rock on your next outing, you’re in the right place.

On the other hand, if your interest is simply to gather this information for academic purposes, you’re also perfectly on the right track.

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Let’s start.

What Is Aso Ebi?

The concept of Aso ebi connotes a uniformity of fashion styles, specifically sewn and designed for a particular occasion and to a large extent, serves as ‘uniform’. This type of ‘uniform’ is largely used for family reunions, marriage ceremonies, birthdays, funerals and all events, especially traditional ones that bring families or persons who are affiliated to one another together.

Common amongst the Yoruba people of Nigeria, the concept of Aso ebi also originated there. However, at the moment, it is embraced all over Nigeria and its acceptance has spread right to some West African countries.

When Do Men Wear Aso Ebi?

Men and women wear Aso ebi (as it is not gender prohibitive).

However, the main reason the men take out time to sew, design and wear matching attires with other attendees of a (mostly) traditional event is to show solidarity, family affiliations and comradeship.

Accordingly thus, when a man rocks Aso ebi to either a marriage or a naming ceremony, he is interested in particularly identifying with the hosts and the plethora of other attendees, most who will also be dressed in a similar manner as he is.

Hot Aso-ebi Styles for Men & Guys

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aso ebi styles for men guys

What Are The Best Fabric Materials For Men’s Aso Ebi?

Generally, Aso ebi can be made from just any fabric or material that a man lays his hands on and can transport same to the tailor or designer. However, in recent times, lace, george and ankara materials have almost being exclusively used by men for Aso ebi and remains the top 3 fabric materials used for this purpose.

Common Aso Ebi Styles Among Nigerian Men

Men who are interested in going the Aso ebi style have usually deployed the following styles. Note that these 3 styles are the most popular when it comes to Aso ebi styles for Nigerian men and guys.


The Agbada is by far the most popular Aso ebi style for Nigerian men and guys. Favoured by both the young and old, rich and poor, it ensures that wearers not only reflect the extreme class it affords but also portray a bit of affluence – an indispensable allure of the concept of Aso ebi.

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The Kaftan is also one of the popular styles adopted for Aso ebi by men and guys in Nigeria. It is simple to sew and without the challenges of elaborate designs or super impressive embroidery and it perfectly suites both formal and informal occasions.

The Senator Style

The Senator style (though originally popular amongst Igbo men and guys from the Niger Delta region) is now acceptable and worn all over Nigeria especially by the Yorubas and accordingly, makes for the perfect Aso ebi cut for that special traditional event. Like the Kaftan, this design is particularly easy to sew and works well in completely formal, semi-formal and informal situations.

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Wrap Up

The Aso ebi styles for men or guys can be whatever is chosen or decided. However, we strongly suggest that you take a good look at these options and closely consider them when you have need for an event that call for uniformity (and solidarity) by way of clothing.

If you have any other suggestions that you sincerely believe our readers will benefit from, we’ll be glad to welcome them in the comment box below.

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