Dashiki for Men: (2024) Styles You’d Love to See

If you’re one of those who always thought the dashiki for men is just a T-shirt, then you’re wrong. The dashiki is a more ornate outfit with a usually buttonless V-collar. It usually sports brightly colored embroidery and is usually worn by men — although women now wear it more than ever.

Dashiki shirts range in complexity from the simple ones bearing little or no embroidery to the sophisticated versions that bear heavy or extensive embroidery. They are commonly made with the Angelina print fabric, which have been the most preferred for dashiki outfits since the 1970s. However other fabric types are less commonly used.

Although the dashiki style originated from West Africa, it has been accepted globally — thanks to celebrities and African Americans who feel connected to the African heritage.

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Dashiki for men: Why men people love dashiki shirts

If you look around, you’d see dashiki shirts everywhere — in movies, on web pages, in books, and everywhere else. But that’s no coincidence; there are reasons for that.

Firstly, dashiki shirts are colorful and fun to wear. Secondly, they are ideal for hot, humid conditions due to their looseness. Thirdly, they can be worn to virtually all forms of outings. We can go on and on, but enough said.

Now let’s look at some amazing dashiki shirt styles for men. Get ready for some awesomeness overload!

Dashiki styles for men

dashiki for men 1

This is a short-sleeved dashiki cotton shirt sporting a slit collar with some extra stitched interlacing. The sleeves are wide, to allow for maximum freedom. And there are two front low-lying pockets for your phone, wallet or anything else you need to hold on the go.

You don’t need any buttons or fasteners. Just popover and hit the occasion. It’s a great option for lovers of simplicity, even though the colors aren’t so simple. And the good thing? It’s a unisex wear, so your spouse or sister can sport it sometimes when she feels like:) Better yet, just make two of it — one for you and one for her.

dashiki for men 02

Another cool-looking style, with a slightly longer and tight fitting sleeve — not long-sleeved, though. Obviously, this is for men. It’s suitable for a wide range of outings — partying, errand, work, and so on.

dashiki for men 03

This beautiful blue dashiki shirt takes a break away from the traditional brightly colored versions we are used to. It looks much simpler from one angle, and a bit more sophisticated from another angle (if you understand what I mean). A shirt like this can cause confusion and disagreement among two people viewing the wearer from different sides. LOL! But seriously, it’s a cool option for guys who prefer longer dashiki shirts.

Note that the style above isn’t something that you can get from amateur tailors. So, if you must request something like this, be sure to see a tailor who really knows his stuff.

dashiki for men 04

This is another cool style — a great option for those who prefer long-sleeved shirts. Notice how the hem and the cuffs are made of colored fabric. If this doesn’t look cool to you, and you’d prefer having them remaining plain, you can simply request that modification from your tailor.

dashiki for men 05

If you’re a lover of minimalist designs, then you’d most likely prefer the style above. The brightly-colored embroidery is limited to the upper chest area, the two pockets, sleeves, and hem, leaving a large plain area that makes the shirt look simple and cool. The sleeves are somewhat tight, but if you don’t like that, request wider sleeves from your tailor.

More dashiki styles for men

dashiki for men 06

dashiki for men 07

dashiki for men 08

dashiki for men 09

dashiki for men 10

dashiki for men 11

dashiki for men 12

dashiki for men 13

dashiki for men 14


Whether you’re looking for a versatile outfit or you simply want to identify with African pride, dashiki shirts for men are great outfits that will fetch you accolades and admirers any time, any day.

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