Top Nigerian Men’s Fashion Magazines (2024)

Fashion was once exclusively the reserve of women and younger girls. Those days, clearly are in the past now. Thanks to the generation of men and guys today that take their grooming super seriously, it is now possible to see men (of all age grades) with an awesome fashion sense that was once thought way impossible.

Many factors are however responsible for this increased fashion awareness in the men however – with the most important and influential being the presence of fashion literature in the country by way of fashion magazines dedicated especially to men.

nigerian fashion magazines

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If you are a man or guy and are interested in the top Nigerian men’s fashion magazines to either get the best or most recent fashion design as a man or for any other purpose (academic or otherwise), you’re certainly at the right place, reading the right piece.

Put on your seat belt, we’re about to take off!

Mode Men Magazine

Mode Men Magazine is without any iota of doubt, the leading Nigerian men’s fashion magazine. Published monthly, this magazine leads others with a wide margin that you’ll naturally be forgiven for thinking that the magazine is the only one that serves this purpose in this part of the world.

The magazine, however, does not completely dwell on men’s fashion alone. Instead, it has a healthy mix of culture, events, style and news in addition to its principal objective, fashion and style for the Nigerian man.

Published by Abubakar Tafawa-Balewa, the magazine focuses exclusively on men and is available nationwide on newspaper/magazine stands. For those who cannot afford the hard copy on the stands (or would want to take a quick look), the online version is available at

SG 2

SG 2 sure sounds like a Russian military code name for an operation north of the Atlantic. However, there is really no need to read too much meaning into it – it is a simple but ‘loaded’ men’s fashion magazine, catering for the Nigerian man and published by Soares Anthony, the brain behind Soares Anthony Clothing.

This Nigerian men’s fashion magazine by Soares Anthony celebrates Nigerian fashion primarily and is much more focused on delivering on its fashion ‘mandate’ than the Mode Man Magazine listed above.

However, this Nigerian men’s fashion magazine, sadly, at press time, does not run a functional website where you can preview its content online. However, the magazine is readily available at newspaper stands nationwide and other specially designated sales centers in (and out) of the country.

Now, let’s take a look at the third and last option.


The third and last Nigerian men’s fashion magazine we deem worthy of your attention is Manly NG.

As opposed to SG 2 above (without a known online presence), Manly NG is an entirely online concern and can be accessible immediately at This reality makes it accessible to the entire world for free – completely.

Manly NG, aside its principal task of men’s fashion and style, also covers news, humour, features, personal productivity tips amongst many other interesting topics and items of interest to the modern man, especially the Nigerian modern man.


Fashion, as we had earlier held, is no longer the exclusive reserve of women. Men today, especially, Nigerian men have proved that they are capable of grooming themselves and looking good – just like the women and girls.

The resources above will give you both direction and inspiration to move in the right direction as a man. However, if you have any other resource (with huge merit and awesome potential) that you believed we missed – and same resource ought to be here, we’ll be more than glad to add it up (by means of a quick edit): kindly share such a resource in the comment box below.

Enjoy the day – and don’t forget that you too can look good as a man or guy.

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