Best Aso Ebi Color Combinations (Inspiration)

When planning a wedding in this part of the world, there are things that can make or mar your wedding day and one of such is your aso ebi colour combination.

One way to avoid this pitfall is to find out what is trending. Currently, there are some very interesting colour combinations that can create a really beautiful ambience at your wedding venue and we have highlighted some of these in this post.

Best aso ebi colour combinations

aso ebi color combinations

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Champagne gold and peach

Champagne gold is a default colour for many brides. It can be combined with a wide range of colours like red, orange, turquoise, blue, green, fuchsia pink and many more.

However, one of the trendy combinations is with peach. This blend tends to add a unique sophistication to your aso ebi attire.

Gold and rose

The colour gold is a symbol of good health and wealth. On the other hand rose signifies love. Apart from their symbolic representations, these colours can also give your wedding a romantic and exciting ambience.

Royal blue and yellow

Royal blue is a deep shade of blue and as the name implies, it signifies royalty. On the other hand, yellow is a symbol of hope and when correctly blended with royal blue, the colour mix tends to give your wedding venue a classy atmosphere.

Peach and blue

Peach is another bridal favourite for aso ebi. And it is often combined with blue because of the poise and elegance the combination offers.

Also, one reason why these colours are often selected by many couple is because of their significance. Peach symbolizes longevity while blue represents loyalty.

Burgundy and Peach

Burgundy is another interesting colour that has been trending a lot in recent times. And there are many colours that can be combined with this shade of wine such as silver, ivory and peach.

Peach is another exciting bridal colour and combining it with burgundy can make your attire really enthralling.

Green and red

Green and red are traditional colours that you’ll find in many Nigerian wedding settings. Usually, the gown takes the green while the head gear or cap is red in colour.

The combination can give the wedding setting whether it is the couple or their guest a really unique and colourful ambience.

Blue and green

Combining blue and green in your asoebi outfit is another popular yet stylish combination. For the ladies, the headgear can be green while the dress is blue.

On the other hand, the men can wear a blue traditional outfit with a green cap to match. Overall, the combination of blue and green will always create a wonderful atmosphere.

Green and coral

This is really an interesting colour combination because you can combine these colours in diverse ways. For the ladies, the headgear can be selected as green while the dress is coral or vice versa. The same concept can also be applied to the male guests with the cap being coral or green and the attire is the alternate colour.

Purple and gold

These two colours represent royalty and the combination can be amazing if well combined. Also, this colour mix can give your wedding a really sophisticated outlook.

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