Hausa Men’s Fashion Styles & Attires (May 2024)

The Hausa ethnic group of Nigeria occupies the northern part of the country and is predominantly, Muslim. This means that, the culture of the people is largely subsumed into that of Islam and their way of life is essentially as dictated by the teachings of Islam and the ways/life of its founder, Muhammad.

The implication of this is simple: fashion styles and attires in Hausaland are largely dictated by Islam – the way of life of the people.

In this article, we’ll take on a look at the fashion and cultural attires common with the Hausas and attempt to present what options a fashion conscious man who happens to be a Hausa man has in Northern Nigeria.

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First things first however:

What’s Unique About Hausa Men’s Fashion?

The concept of fashion in Hausaland for the men (and women) is quite different when compared to traditional fashion and styles everywhere else in the world and amongst various other cultures:

  1. Hausa men are keen haters of English attires or any foreign fashion – especially designs and fashion bits that originate from Europe or North America. Accordingly thus, the influence of Western fashion and designs as we know it today is hardly appreciated amongst the Hausas.
  2. Despite item one above, the Hausas are tolerant and even periodically adopt native clothing and attires from the Arabian and Islamic worlds.
  3. Islam has a strong influence on fashion in Hausaland. Remember, Hausas are predominantly Muslims and Islam is viewed as a way of life amongst them.

Having understood the three (3) most important things that make Hausa fashion quite unique, it’s time to take a look at the fabrics that are deployed for the men’s clothing.

Hausa Men’s Fashion Styles Collection

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hausa men fashion styles and attires 11

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Fabrics Used For Hausa Men’s Clothing

As a general rule and cultural practice, any fabric serves and can be used for Hausa men’s clothing in Northern Nigeria as the Hausa generally do not place special emphasis on the fabrics of their attires.

However, for the wealthy or particularly enlightened members of the tribe, lace, george and imported silk is used for their traditional attires – especially when the wearers are due for a public outing of special importance or significance.

Let’s now take a special look at the popular (traditional) attires and styles that the Hausa man, guy or boy favours.

Popular Hausa Men’s Attires And Styles

These are the traditional native attires that are immensely popular amongst the menfolk in Hausaland:

The Kaftan

The Kaftan is the most appreciated and widely worn traditional native attire for the male folk in the whole of Hausaland.

Worn by the common beggars on the streets to the highly placed politicians and captains of industry, the attire is so rampant in the region that it is by default, the most common dress that the male population uses.

The Kaftan, it is also worthy of note, is used in all situations: from the formal to the completely informal/casual.

The Agbada

The Agbada, though not originally native to Hausaland has been adopted for use throughout the region and is the expected attire of choice – especially by the elites and highly placed in society.

Intricately linked to status, it is called Baban Riga in the region and is worn with pride and designed in the most expensive manner possible. Naturally thus, the fabric used for this attire is of the superior and expensive variant – with lace and george being the most common.

The Dashiki

The Dashiki is the last native attire for men in Hausaland that we’ll be treating today.

Common amongst the children, youth and those who occupy the lower social ladder, this attire is mostly worn on informal or semi-formal events.

The Dashiki is sewn with various material types which include the popular Ankara fabric and is often designed in an elaborate manner.

Wrap Up

These are the most popular fashion styles and attires favoured by Hausa men, guys and boys. If you have lived in the North of Nigeria or are Hausa by tribe and would love to share some other (popular) native attire worn by the Hausas, you’re completely free to do so…kindly use the comment form below.

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