Short Agbada for Men (May 2024 Styles)

If you’re looking for the hottest and latest styles of short agbada for Nigerian men and guys who are crazy about fashion and are always after looking good, then you’re just on the right page. Here, you’ll see a fascinating collection of various short agbada styles made different cloth fabrics that are popular among men in Nigeria (guinea material, lace material, Atiku cloth, etc.)

In a hurry? Just scroll down to see the collection and get yourself entertained. But if you’re not in a hurry, let’s discuss on or two things about short agbada styles.

Short agbada attires are one of the best options you have if you’re one of those who love to send the right signals with their dress sense. And if you’re a lover of atiku, guinea, lace or other cool cloth fabrics, then you can craft a killer combination. From simple-looking short agbada robes to those sporting heavy embroidery, you have a wide range of design options to choose from.

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And it doesn’t matter whether you’re tall, short, slim or plus-sized. In as much as you’ve got a great tailor or designer, you can get your short agbada made perfectly to suit your body frame.

About the short agbada style

Before now, we were used to seeing the long, flowing agbada robes sported by “big men” in Nigeria and other African countries. Even though that old style is still very much in vogue especially among the older folks, the younger generation have fairly recently come up with their own modification of the agbada — the short agbada.

Unlike the traditional agbada style, the short agbada (just as its name implies) is shorter, usually reaching no more than the knee level or slightly lower. In addition, the buba underneath it is commonly rendered in short sleeve, although some men do prefer the long-sleeved type.

In all the major difference between the traditional agbada and the short agbada is down to just the length. There are really no differences in terms of preferred fabrics or embroidery. And there are no rules separating them with regards to matching accessories. But as we all know, the fashion world is changes like quicksilver, and these can change anytime!

Latest short agbada styles for men and guys

Below are some of the short agbada styles we’ve got. Now, there’s a warning: you’re likely to get confused after checking out these styles. I mean, confused about what choice to make.

So, you really need a disciplined, stern mind to make your final choice(s). It’s not really our fault; fashion has always been a game of multiple choices!

Short Agbada for Men 01

Short Agbada for Men 02

Short Agbada for Men 03

Short Agbada for Men 04

Short Agbada for Men 05

Short Agbada for Men 06

Short Agbada for Men 07

Short Agbada for Men 08

Short Agbada for Men 09

Short Agbada for Men 10

Short Agbada for Men 11

Short Agbada for Men 12

Short Agbada for Men 13

Short Agbada for Men 14

Short Agbada for Men 15

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Tips for looking great on a short agbada outfit

The first rule is that you must have the outfit perfectly tailored for you. If it’s not a perfect match for your body size and frame, then don’t bother wearing it because you won’t look as good as you would have loved to. That’s why you need a good tailor always!

Always wear the right set of matching accessories. Your shoes and cap must be carefully selected based on the colour of your agbada attire. If the embroidery is rendered in a different colour, that must be factored in, too. And don’t forget your good-looking wrist watch and ring. Avoid adding extraneous accessories, as this can send the wrong signals.

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