Latest Atiku Styles for Men & Guys (February 2024)

The Atiku cloth fabric is one of the most in-demand clothing materials in Nigeria at the moment. And that’s because Nigerian native and traditional attires made from this fabric are now widely favoured by fashion-crazy men in the country. So, it’s just no surprise that Atiku cloth styles are now all the rave in the Nigerian men’s fashion world.

In this post, you’ll learn more about the Atiku fabric as well as the different styles made from it. And you’ll get to see some of the best native styles made from this fabric that Nigerian men are rocking presently.

About the Atiku cloth

Although we are not sure, we guess the name “Atiku” was given to this fabric most likely because it’s the kind of material usually rocked by Nigeria’s former vice president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. So, one won’t be wrong to claim that Alhaji Atiku, by making this material popular, has contributed directly or indirectly to men’s fashion in Nigeria.

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The Atiku cloth fabric has a firm texture that is similar to what obtain with “dry lace” material, but it’s a bit thinner and lacks those large see-through holes that you see on some lace materials. No doubt, Atiku materials vary in thickness and transparency based on brand and quality.

In terms of colour, each Atiku cloth fabric comes in one colour, although there are several colour options available. So, if you’re a fan of multi-coloured traditional attires, the Atiku might just not cut it for you. Most commonly rocked colours of the Atiku fabric include white, black, cream colour, sky blue, navy blue, and brown.

The Atiku material stands out among other fabric options by virtue of some advantages it provides. It’s compliant with ironing and long-lasting. And it can serve you for years if you maintain it well.

Common Atiku cloth styles among Nigerian men

Just like guinea and lace materials, the Atiku cloth fabric can be made into different men’s traditional styles such as agbada, short agbada, buba and trouser (long-sleeved or short-sleeved), and so on. So, when comparing guinea, lace, and Atiku materials, you’ll find no difference in the kinds of men’s styles made from them. The difference lies only in the fabric used.

Native Atiku styles are not really popular among women in Nigeria because they have more colorful fashion preferences, unlike the men who prefer reserved and modest colors. This explains why ankara styles will continue to trend among women in Nigeria, while the likes of guinea and Atiku material will remain popular among the men.

Atiku native styles can be embroidered or not, depending on the style. For the agbada style, including embroidery is a must. But for other styles like buba and trouser, embroidery is optional, depending on how you want to express yourself. If you favor attires that send a signal of simplicity, then you’d be fine without embroidery. And if you’re stickler for attires that reek of class, then include some embroidery.

While you have the option of sporting contrast-coloured embroidery, the in-vogue practice among Nigerian men is to add embroidery that blends with the colour of the fabric itself. In other words, a no-contrast combination of embroidery and fabric works best!

We can go on and on to describe Atiku styles for men in thousands of words. But the fact that a picture is better than a thousand words runs true in the fashion world than anywhere else. So, we hereby present some of the best Atiku styles for men and guys in Nigeria. See the pictures after the cut…

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atiku styles for men 007

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Atiku styles for men: Appropriate accessories

There are no difficult requirements in this regards. Atiku styles can go with the usual accessories such as matching caps or hats, wrist watches, rings, shoes, and so on. Just ensure to select the matching accessories and you’d be good to go.


Nigerian men love to rock native wears when they are not in formal settings — we all know that. While there are many fabric material options to choose from, the Atiku cloth material is one of the coolest and most fashionable choices to make.

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